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Jan. 22nd, 2013 | 09:46 am

usually, my dreams are beautiful and lighting is... everything. i get to dream of Italian cafes and stratagems to cure heartache for someone i care about, but last night's dream was about the absent of light. there were no stars, just blackness in the gaps where the view isn't obstructed by buildings and overpasses. its not like the sun hasn't came out, it's as though daylight never happened. i've had these dreams, on occasions in life. in a dream i had when i was younger, the explanation was that it was a basement world, beneath our own. to enter, you open a cellar door and descend a ladder.

nothing profound comes from these dreams. there's no pattern to them. last night, i think william shatner was there and i think i had an office job. a dream without light doesn't seem nightmarish on the surface, but the thing about mediocrity is how unbelievably soul crushing it is. moreso than hard times which can inspire you to arise above it, to make something powerful in rebellion of hardships.

i woke up and listened to Daydreamer by Airiel and checked to make sure the sky was intact. my fingertips are numb from playing the ukulele for a few days straight.

life isn't mediocre and lighting is everything.

silly dream.

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