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i_aim_to_please's Journal

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nessa k
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i'm not going to lie.
this journal is mostly about myself.

it's just important to write about things you know a lot about.
i know everything about me.

darling, let's be friends

5 cent deposit, \-=\][=-;-=\]'-=, alkaline trio, american football, american hi-fi, ann beretta, appleseed cast, aquabats, at the drive in, babes in toyland, ben folds five, bikini kill, blink-182, boy kicks girl, bracket, bright eyes, brodie punk, buck o nine, built to spill, cake, catch 22, cub, cursive, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, doughboys, eastdale, eating plain cocoa mix, endicott 8, everclear, fenix tx, finch, five iron frenzy, fugazi, further seems forever, glassjaw, gob, goldfinger, goo goo dolls, green day, heaven and breakfast, hippos, home grown, i hate myself, jawbreaker, jepetto, jets to brazil, jim's big ego, jimmy eat world, kemuri, kind of like spitting, lagwagon, last days of april, layaway plan, less than jake, lets go bowling, lucky boys confusion, lush, lwl, millencolin, modest mouse, mustard plug, nerf herder, nirvana, nofx, onelinedrawing, osker, pedro the lion, pennywise, pixies, plan b, reel big fish, relient k, reset, river city high, rufio, rx bandits, save ferris, saves the day, screeching weasel, shady view terrace, skankin' pickle, skolars, slick shoes, sloppy meateaters, sloppy seconds, spiderbait, sr-71, stateside drive, strung out, student*rick, suicide machines, superdrag, swinging utters, teen idols, ten foot pole, the ataris, the chinkees, the get up kids, the movielife, the promise ring, the starting line, the stryder, the weakerthans, thursday, travis, treble charger, tsunami bomb, twothirtyeight, veruca salt, voodoo glow skulls, weezer, wizo

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